T5 grow lights are efficient to grow lights they consume less power and emit more bright light. You can easily grow your plant of choice under these lights. If you are an indoor grower and your electric bills are high then it is time to shift to T5 grow lights. T5 grow lights Canada are very popular among the indoor growers of Canada. There comes in different sizes and shapes choose according to your growing space.

Most of the people are familiar with the technology but those who are new to this can read below to know everything about t5 grow lights.

These are tube-shaped lights as the name suggests T5 here T stands for tube and 5 is for 5 inches in diameter. There are many uses of these light but they are mainly used in greenhouse and indoor gardens. Below are the tips to consider while buying such lights.


For the successful installation of T5 grow lights you need to check few things like the Fixtures and Bulb.

FIXTURES: There are more than 10 types of T5 grow lights fixture in the market. First of all measure the size where you want to install it then go to the market and find the exact size. Normally they have 2 types of lengths and almost 5 to 6 types of different bulbs according to power rating and size. The most common or normally used sizes are 2 to 4 feet in length with 1 to 8 or 12 bulbs in a single fixture. Larger the size covers the larger area and reduces the growing cost as you do not need to buy more light.

TYPES OF BULBS: When it comes to choosing bulb we advise you to stay in the middle of power ratings. The comes in normal to medium to the high output range. Normal is for ordinary lighting purpose they are not effective in indoor growing. The high output rating bulbs are extremely high power and emit very bright light they are suitable for greenhouses not for indoor gardens. The only choice left is medium power bulbs, they are not harmful to plants and very effective in indoor farming.

When we talk about color temperature we recommend only stating bulbs of 6500 kelvins as these are good for vegetative stage. But keep in mind every plant is different from other so they need different light spectrum to grow.

THE SETUP: After choosing the right product it’s time to install the light. Install it right above you plant so that they come in direct contact with light. Height should be roughly 8 to 10 inches above. Make sure that your light does not burn the plant and if you are installing multiple T5 grow lights to maintain a good distance between them (normally more than 14 inches).

LIGHT CYCLE: This means how many hours of light your plant needs and how many time it needs to set in the dark for complete rest. Unfortunately, we cannot suggest you anything on this topic as there are many varieties of plants. Some need more light and little rest while others need equal light and rest this is called 12to12 light cycle.

We hope you get useful information on T5 grow lights and now you are able to choose the right product.