1. Risky Business Fishing Charter
It is a fishing company located in the United States. It has different packages of fishing depending on the money, weather and the opportunity for fishing. The kits include half day fishing, three quarters day fishing, full day fishing and cruising around in boats.
Risky business Charter is well known for its wide variety of fishery which can involve some tactics and techniques to be able to catch fish successfully. At the docks where boats are packed, some hotels and restaurants offer different types of foods and an excellent relaxation beside the beach.

2. Angler Management Sportfishing
It is a fishing company located in South Florida. It also has different packages including a tournament charter where customers can challenge one another in the ocean as part of their expedition. They offer good experience by showing tips of how to fish and the processes involved after fish is out of the water. They also give some challenges especially during bad weather which increases the adventures in the ocean.

3. Reel Intense Fishing Charter
It is the best deep sea and fish are near the shore. Located in Florida. It offers packages of all ages, i.e., from kids to adults. Offers cruising and also fishing.

4. Sea Horse Fishing Adventures
It is a fishing business company located in Florida. It is a more sophisticated company because it offers cruising trips around the waters. The primary target customers are families.

5. Real Deal Sportfishing
It is a deep sea fishing charter that offers to cruise in boats around the beaches of Florida. Their permit has also extended up to the Gulf of Mexico hence catching more species of deep-sea animals.

6. Madson Fishing Charter
Located in South Florida. It has the latest fishing technology which enhances a fun and productive fishing activity. Also convenient for people who are on vacation because there are hotels and resorts.

7. Blue Heron Fishing
Located around Riviera Beach. It has a morning fishing trip, afternoon Riviera Beach fishing and afternoon Jupiter fishing trip. All these packages offered for both kids and adults.

8. Osprey Fishing Charter
This one is a fun expedition. Osprey offers deep diving, multiple tank dives, and other recreational adventures. The instructors are well trained and mostly deals with adults because children are hard to control them in deep sea waters.

9. Slob City Charters
Offers deep sea fishing adventure and includes fishing trips in the ocean waters. First timers are also encouraged to go to Slob City as they give a new experience of offshore fishing.

10. All in Charters
Mainly offers fishing and cruising trips. Located in deep sea waters, and has a wide variety of rare fish species. The seas are calm and enjoyable for cruising purposes.